Large Number Class

Current Version: 0.1.0015 (pre-beta 1)
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Large Number Class is a C++ class designed to allow for easy manipulation of large numbers. Large Number Class is still under heavy development, and continues to refine its attempt as a complete "drop-in" solution for the user. For more information please see the info page.

We are hiring! Ok, not really. But we are looking for volunteers. Check out The LNC team page for more details.


August 25, 2003: I just now got around to post a tar-ball of the CVS code we have been working on. This may not be as "stable" as the earlier alpha's were, but this is a new code base for us. After the alpha builds we threw out all of our code, and started from scratch. Hope you enjoy, and please feel free to contribute!

July 5, 2003: It has been awhile since I have update this page. Coding is still under development, however for the most part this page is out of date. I am hoping to add some "white papers" under the info page to help better explain the direction that LNC is moving in.

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Large Number Class (LNC) is copyrighted (c) 2002, 2003, by The LNC team, and released under the terms of the GNU GPL