Large Number Class

Current Version: 0.1.0015 (pre-beta 1)
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We are all a bunch of volunteer programmers who work on this project in our spare time. Whenever we have a chance away from work, school, family, and other demands, we try to code.

Join the team

We are looking for a few good coders to help our project. If you are experienced with C++ coding (and this sorta thing actually interest you), drop Jason an email (see below). We would love to tell you how to go about setting up a user account with Sourceforge, and get you added to our project. We don't bite, honest!

The LNC team!

Alex Lehner -- Alex is a coder for the project.

Jason Whitehorn -- Jason is a coder for the team, as well as the improvised webmaster (can you tell that he doesn't know HTML very well :-) ).

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Large Number Class (LNC) is copyrighted (c) 2002, 2003, by The LNC team, and released under the terms of the GNU GPL